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The End

by | Jul 21, 2013

2 years ago, today, STS-135 touched down at the Kennedy Space Center, wrapping up not only that mission, but the 30 years of the Space Shuttle Program.

320px-STS-135_Space_Shuttle_Atlantis_makes_its_final_landing_11We are still waiting for the follow-on program.

The short-sightedness of the current political environment and the total lack of space leadership being shown at all levels of this Administration is leaving an ever-increasing hole in our ability to move forward in space exploration.

Will our great-grandchildren look back
on July 21, 2011 as

“The Day We Gave Up?”

TheEndHow do we recover?

How do we re-energize a nation that once set such dynamic and specific goals “We choose to go to the Moon”, but now mumble along, zombie-like, with trite political chants and slogans, more interested in division and tearing down the opponent than they are about harmonizing around a common and noble cause like manned space exploration?

I wish I knew. For, if I did… I’d be doing it.

Husband, father, Space Cadet, techno-geek…
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