Write a book?

by | Feb 20, 2013

So – there are a number of my former NASA-ite friends (a few astronauts and at least one Flight Director) who have written or are writing a book about their times and experiences with NASA and the Space Shuttle program.



Also – there is a *great* book by a number of former Mercury/Gemini/Apollo-era FIDOs/GUIDOs/RETROs (i.e., members of “The Trench” in Mission Control)…  since I’m a former FDO myself, this one was of particular interest to me.


AND… when I was chatting with the primary author/editor of this piece of history, he strongly encouraged me to get my Shuttle-era FDOs together and do the same thing.  That way, each of us were writing, in essence, our own autobiographies and then combining them into a history of The Trench through the Shuttle and ISS eras.


I’m very interested in this…  I may start reaching out to a few of my FDO buddies to see if they’d be interested, too!


You may start seeing either news of this here, or maybe even some sample “chapters”…  we’ll see.

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