Day 3 (part 1) - Maroon Bells

09/06/2015 29 images Share: , ,
The amazing Maroon Bells - a pair of 14K peaks - dominate the landscape of our fantastic morning hike
Maroon Bells - tower over the landscape even at a distance
Parking lot wildflowers
Yellow wildflowers carpet the mountainside
Our destination lies along this path
A clear stream leads the way
Are they closer... or farther away
Maroon Bells - mountain lake reflection
Maroon Bells - Kathy
Maroon Bells - Roger
Mountain flowers
Maroon Bells - mountain lake reflection 2
Beware the Deadly Bells
Beaver lodge
Forest across the stream
Great day for a hike
Aspen forest
Wildflower focus
As close as we'll get this time
Waterfall (1)
Waterfall (2)