Day 2 - Taggart and Bradley Lake hike (22Jul12)

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Our first hike in to the Tetons - spectacular views and two very cool lakes to offer rest stops. Read more about it here
Teton parasailing near our hotel
Kathy taking a picture of the Teton range
Desert sage and Tetons
GTNP entrance
Roadside Teton view
Closing in on the Tetons
Taggart Lake Trailhead
Trailhead info sign
Bear Attack!
Starting our hike into the Teton foothills
Kathy and Mel over a Teton stream
KM - Teton stream closeup
Hillside waterfall
Kathy and Tetons
Mel and Tetons
KM and Tetons
Roger and Kathy - hiking break
Pensive Mel
Hiking into the woods
KM - Taggart Lake trail (1)