Day 3 - Cascade Canyon (23Jul12)

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Another hike into the Tetons, way up and back into Cascade Canyon... and afterwards MOOSE SIGHTINGS!
Moose (23Jul12)

Moose (23Jul12)

Tetons and low clouds (1)
Tetons and low clouds (2)
Tetons and low clouds (3)
Clouds are clearing now
Beautiful view from the east shore of Jenny Lake
Our Jenny Lake 'taxi'
Perfect morning view of Grand Teton
Glacier details
More mountain views
Heading out into Jenny Lake
One taxi leaves, another arrives
Heading across Jenny Lake towards the Cascade Canyon trailhead
Mountainside waterfall, as seen from Jenny Lake
Snowcapped peak details
Boat dock and beginning of Cascade Canyon trailhead
Starting up, but looking back towards Jenny Lake through the trees
Ahead lie mountains
To the right are mountains, too!