22Dec04 - Statue of Liberty

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Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, and a visit to Kathy's old family home in Teaneck NJ!
Kathy enjoys ice cream at Bischoff's
The ole Opsahl homestead in Teaneck, NJ
Ferry departure building interior
Skyline and old ferry docks
One-legged seagull
Ferry departure building interior - detail
Skyline missing WTC
Andrew and Melanie - NYC skyline
Kathy on the ferry
Ferry departure point
Ellis Island
Sun behind Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty and NYC skyline
Statue of Liberty (1)
Melanie and Andrew with SofL
Melanie strikes a SofL pose
Statue of Liberty (2)
Sunset and ferry
Birds in front of SofL
Andrew and SofL
Melanie looks at NYC skyline